Rapid Web Productivity in Elm


Single-Page Apps, and more

Melbourne, Australia

Elm is a functional language for the web that compiles to Javascript. As you would expect with any zero-dot version, the language is still settling done, and with almost a year since the previous release there are a lot of changes, and many breaking ones. But one of the clear benefits of functional programming is ease of refactoring, so

Elm 0.19 promises that most of the changes can be automatically applied to your program.

The notable new features in Elm 0.19 are

  • support for single-page apps and other explicit web content patterns
  • even better (!) friendly compiler messages that guide rather than chide
  • faster compilation, and smaller object sizes
  • removal of some features like custom infix operators that are deemed more harmful than helpful

This talk concentrates on how to be immediately productive with single-page apps in Elm, and digresses briefly in how to migrate to Elm 0.19 if you have not yet done so.