Christopher Biggs - Sufficiently Advanced Technologist

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." -- Clarke's Third Law

"Technology is stuff that doesn't work yet" -- Bran Ferren (via Douglas Adams)

My career has always been making the magic work properly.

Nowadays I help teams to do magic, and write and speak about technology.

What I do:

I am available to help your company build magic products and teams for an hour or a year. I bring a rare perspective to IoT - I'm as comfortable with a soldering iron as a business plan. I'm based in Brisbane, but travel the world to learn, teach and trade.

I can help you:

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I'm interested in a lot of things, from tiny sensors to big data, and from 12th century handcrafts to lasers.

By day I build software and teams. By night, I make robots, and smoke.

Blog - Technology and Software

I write on Medium about Insufficiently Advanced Technology. (Software is just liquid technology, it doesn't work yet either, and maybe never will.)

Blog - IoT and Robotics

Make The Future - IoT, robotics and home automation.

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My Tweets, mostly about futurism, privacy and cats.

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Things I Made In My Shed - Some of the things I've made

Blog - Rants

Book Me on the Next Comet! - random grumbles, irregularly updated

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Christopher Biggs has been into Open Systems since the early 90s and was there at the birth of Linux and 386BSD. His interest in electronics and connected devices goes back even further.

He was founding vice president of HUMBUG, the Brisbane open systems user group, and built and managed a diverse, inclusive team of over 60 developers at a leading Brisbane IT company.

He has presented at conferences and user groups around Australia, and convened a weekly technology lecture series for the entire technology department at his most recent workplace.

In his spare time he builds and blogs robots and adds to the growing Internet of Things.


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