Privacy in the IoT age


or, Alexa, does my bum look big in this?

Brisbane, Australia

Recapture your privacy in the IoT age

Living in the future is great. The gadgets are awesome, the convenience is great, oh, and your life insurance premium just went up because you bought crisps at the supermarket.

Have you ever had your home voice assistant randomly burst out laughing? While you weren’t even talking to it? While you were getting dressed? While you were enjoying sexytimes? Does that freak you out?

This presentation is about some ways to enjoy the benefits of the Internet of Things without spiking the freak-o-meter.

Many home automation devices default to “big brother mode”, with all its invasions and risks. Did you know that is now cheaper to produce a smart TV than a non-smart TV, because of the value of the data that smart TVs leak? We’ll look at how to subvert big brother by making your smart devices work for you and not their corporate creators.