Test Automation in the Internet of Things

121 Test Automation Day
Brisbane, Australia

The Internet of Things is undeniably here. In the last year we have heard tell of of security cameras, dishwashers and even ovens roaming the internet unsupervised.

As a consultant and writer specialising in the Internet of Things, I have worked to bring my experience from 20 years in manufacturing and internet security to the IoT world. This presentation will cover the tools and techniques I use to build secure, reliable and rapidly updatable IoT devices.

The techniques covered are applicable to both the simplest embedded devices with no general-purpose OS, and more powerful devices running Linux or Windows.

Part 1, architecture and coding:

  • Using containers (docker) in the embedded world (and simple equivalents for less capable platforms)

Part 2, testing

  • Desktop containers
  • Emulating an embedded system
  • Multi-architecture continuous-integration
  • Automating testing of embedded code