Sketching in Hardware


Getting from concept to installation in the Internet of Things with rapid manufacturing.

Sydney, Australia

How do you motivate a child to remember to take their daily medication? One way is to create a physical replica of the “health pack” item from their favourite computer game.

By day I solve real world problems with IoT. On the weekend, I attack more frivolous problems as a creative outlet. But this frippery also serves two serious purposes

  • It helps you, the “Internet of Things” novice, understand the potential of the medium
  • These projects serve as a demonstration of how technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC milling can make rapid prototypes, and also art

I talk about how to use 3D printing, re-usable modules and easy-to-learn software to make Internet of Things devices that bring enrichment and humour to your life. I also give examples of some of my projects that are both fun, and in some cases, literally life-saving.